Business model

Company business model «Cryptori Commercial Ltd.»

How to monetize the future? This is the main challenge for the modern entrepreneur.

Answer from make money on startups based on future technologies.

What is this technology? Our team of futuristic analysts identified 6 areas in which we focused not only our attention, but also financial resources. It:

1. Technology Blockchain and its adaptation to different businesses;

2. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;

3. Index baskets;

4. Securities;

5. Contracts based on various types of raw materials and agricultural products;

6. E-commerce.

We carefully study each startup before investing in it and including it in our investment portfolio. Our team of investment bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, managers and programmers selects all startups according to 4 main criteria:

Uniqueness and realism of the idea;
The degree of readiness of a full-fledged product and its time to market;
Availability of clear monetization algorithms in a startup development strategy;
The size of the market under which the startup was created.
Investing within the company is carried out in 2 ways: at the expense of the financial resources of the company's founders and its new investors.

You can become a new investor of on our website, which serves as a tool for trusting relationships protected by international financial law.

By registering on and making even a minimal investment, you become our partner.

It allows you to receive stable income of 4% per day with the right to withdraw funds at any time. Moreover, we have developed a reliable system for those who are ready to build a truly trusting relationship with us. Thus, you can be confident in earnings about 58% from the amount of investment per month.

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