About company


We are a company that invests in the future. Our specialization is Internet business startups that are dynamically developing or have a great hidden potential. Projects are as solely startups of the Blockchain technology and its adaptations, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We believe that the future, about which so many people are discussing today, has already arrived. Therefore, they assembled an international team of investment bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, managers and programmers to monetize this future.

The full name of our company «Cryptori Commercial Ltd».

We work in accordance with international law, as well as the ethical code of a modern start-up entrepreneur. The Cryptori.org online platform is a modern and secure website that serves as a tool for generating income with trusting relationships between us and customers. It allows us to interact most effectively in terms of investment, profits and dividends. We invite you to become our new investor and earn a stable future!